Video Time: 2015 Global Fat Bike Day Ride – Having a Blast in Winnipeg, Eh!

Our 2015 – 3rd Annual Global Fat Bike Day ride in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was even BIGGER and BETTER than last year!

Almost 70 Fat Bikers gathered at the Forks in the heart of Winnipeg to start our GFBD ride (or joined us along the way).  Even though the weather was milder than normal (0 to +5C) we still got to ride on snow trails, but no frozen rivers and creeks this year.
Some rode a shorten route, some much longer, but all enjoyed a great day of early winter fat biking on a beautiful sunny day.
Our official photographer Gregory McNeill did the honours again on the East side of the Red River at our now standard perfect riverside spot.
This year Gregory was riding his new Fat Bike and still carrying all his cameras and tripod … hardcore tough that guy … just the way we like him!

GFBD 2015 Group Pic 1

Our 48 Km route this year (after our Prologue across the Red River and back to the Forks) took us west along the Assiniboine River walkway and river=edge trails, through Wolseley, along Wellington Crescent and on the Assiniboine Park ‘Monkey Trails’ to the Park Duck Pond Shelter (no need for it this year). Then we made our way south to Fort Whyte Park via Assiniboine Forest pathways and to our 3/4 route goal of ‘IKEA Hill’ and a short steep up to another group photoshoot.

Wpg GFBD 2015 - Group Pic 2 - Med Res

Most of the still large crew made a pitstop at the Buffalo Cafe (funny name – since we call them Bison in Manitoba and there are actual Bison at Fort Whyte Park in a large enclosure field). Onward east now took most either along the MacGillvary pathway or Bishop Grandon Greenway to the Wildwood Park area and north to the Elmpark (BDI) Bridge and the official “Casa Fat Tom’s Pit Stop … chili-fest, suds and hot ‘toddies’. Good times! 🙂

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