Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #3: Even More Awesome in Pictures!

Ok, so there are many other superlatives that I could use to describe how AWESOME this past Sunday’s Throw Down #3 was, but hey, #1 was Awesome, #2 was More Awesome and yes, #3 was Even More AWESOME!

Our happy herd (think Big Fat Manitoba Bisons!) of 9 fatties started even earlier in the morning, due to rising spring temps, but in the end conditions turned out to be stellar!

We cruised the Grand Beach ski trails on our low-pressure fat tires and only left dimple marks behind!
The XC skiers we met and shared our potluck feast with were unanimous in their awe at how smoothly we floated on the packed snow trails and marveled at how cool are bikes are … “you can’t ride a fat bike without smiling“!

GB FB TD 3 - Greg's Pic 4
Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

With all the sweet GoPro video footage I have from all three Grand Beach Throw Downs ‘in-the-can’, I will have to get to work on a slick snappy video … maybe a ‘Trailer’ to get things rolling … but first, check these pictures:

Gregory McNeill’s at his ‘Rocky Mountain Hiker Part Deux’ Flickr

My GoPro Screen Caps Gallery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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